According to the statement made by CTP, CTP leader Tufan Erhürman, General Secretary Asım Akansoy, some mayors, MPs and many party members as well as some citizens attended the march held in Famagusta today.

Speaking after the march, CTP leader Erhürman called for "not to despair" and said, "They will leave after a while." "Because the season has come, its scent has spread all over the country," he said.

“No one should despair”

Erhürman, who started his speech by commemorating the Champion Angels, pointed to the Isias case and emphasized that they will continue to walk in solidarity with the families and will not give up on this path until justice comes.

Erhüman claimed that “the country is not governed” and said, “We have the capacity to govern this country together. "No one needs to despair," he said.

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"This country has educated people who love this country," said Erhürman, adding, "We will never give way to despair." Reminding the words of Ferdi Sabit Soyer, one of the former chairmen of CTP, Erhürman said, "We are like shinya, even if you tear it down or break it, we will grow again!" said. Stating that they are on the streets for all segments of society, Erhürman said that they will continue to fight on the streets.

“We will walk this path together, we will govern this country together”

Tufan Erhürman pointed out that the Turkish Cypriot people have been struggling for existence for many years and said, “The struggle for existence was not waged for these to happen. "We are on the streets and we will be on the streets to say that you cannot destroy us," he said. Erhürman said, "If people in this country have started to tell their children, 'Go away and don't come back,' we will all shout out the love of children in their hearts." said.

Erhürman said, "The season has come, some people are leaving," and added that "the mentality they are facing will leave." Erhürman said, “They will go. What they are waiting for is this people's share. They will go away automatically after one share. Because the season has come, its scent has spread all over the country... We will rule this country together.” he added.

Erhürman said, “We have a way. That path is our love for this country. It is our thirst for peace, freedom and equality. That path will be walked together. We will walk this path together, we will rule this country together. He concluded his speech by saying, "We existed, we exist, we will exist."

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